Glad you stopped by! I’m Shannon and I’ve been living & loving the mom life for 23 years with our biological and adopted kiddos. Learning to laugh a whole lot more through the juggle of parenting, constant messes, homeschooling, and entrepreneurship, all while searching for my missing red coffee cup and dreaming & planning our next family vacation wherever guacamole can be served.

Healthy Living

Personally, keeping my body at its best is a huge task. But, isn't that the case for all us moms? (I hear ya!) When life gets overwhelming we tend to put ourselves last and put our families first. But the truth is keeping not only physically fit but spiritually and emotionally grounded is how we can take care of our families best and ourselves. A win-win! Let me share with you what has worked for me, how I have created achievable steps, and you'll be checking those things off your list that have been there for months. Boom!


We are the Robisons! Led by my husband Rhea for the past 26 years who pushes me past my fears to be more adventurous and think outside the box. Everyday I'm gladly challenged to love my kiddos which range from a married adult to triplets under the age of 5! It's my honor to encourage them to love the Lord, learn with gusto, eat more greens, and help those in need. My days are sometimes weary but my family is awesome so I'll take those days with an extra shot of espresso.


A road we have traveled a few times! Our journey has taken us through miscarriages, domestic and international adoption, and even embryo adoption. If you are in this season, then I would love to encourage you! I'm happy to share with you all the ins and outs, potential road blocks, and things you would never know about the process. I wish someone had for me! And, I'll be there to remind you that God's timing is always perfect.