When the Door to Adoption Slams Shut

Have you ever had the door slammed shut on something your heart ached for? Something that you just thought was going to work out perfectly? It is crazy to think that eight years ago, our adoption process stopped dead in its tracks. It was over. No more paperwork. No more looking forward to a child coming to our home. It was over. And to add to it all, two miscarriages.

We had absolutely no idea that in the years to come, the Lord would bring us FOUR more children to raise to love Him!

This is my journal entry from eight long years ago…

“We were diligent and obedient to the Lord’s call on our lives to adopt a child. It has been an amazing journey, but one that feels like an elephant pregnancy. God provided all funds needed to take classes, pay the initial agency fees, complete a home study and all the paper chasing that goes with it. God has truly blessed us. We wait on His direction.

As the beginning of summer unfolded, it became clear that the adoption process was to stop (pause). Rhea had the worst year with his business in 2009. God is faithful and we made it and 2010 looks much better. Also, in 2009, we lost two children to miscarriages. Rhea stopped the adoption process during those months and although we mourned from the many losses, we are healing. We still desire very much to have more children whether by birth or adoption and we have a home study ready to go if God so chooses to bless us through adoption. We are very open to what He has for our family.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying the blessings He has put in our home. We are homeschooling for our eighth year. God also placed other changes and losses in our road for 2009 and though a lot of it was confusing and surprising, we are grateful for God’s clarity and pruning in our lives. Our family is stronger and closer after living through 2009. I am honored to be the wife of a man with such high integrity and honor. We are excited to see what 2010 holds for the Robisons.

And a year later we would adopt our daughter and the triplets two years later. Friend, Our Lord is so gracious. Do not give up hope. Do not stop praying. You have no idea what the Lord has in store for you in the future!

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