10 Fabulous Fall Books for Kids

When I taught elementary school in public school many years ago, one of my favorite times of the day was when we as a class all settled down for me to read aloud stories to them. No matter how good or bad the day had been going for everyone, we all enjoyed coming together to read, and I have to admit there were many days, I gave into the cry…  “Just one more book please Mrs. Robison.”

Today, the same thing happens as I homeschool my kiddos (except they don’t call me Mrs. Robison, they call me mom… LOL). And with the fall weather here, it’s just so fun to grab a big blanket, some cider, muffins and read outside. Here are some super fun fall books to put on hold at the library or grab on Amazon to read aloud to your older toddler through elementary-aged children.

Muffins & cider recipes you say? Sure thing! I will put that together for an upcoming blog post!

In the meantime, if you want to grab my 50 top picture books for preschoolers through early elementary (though my upper elementary daughter happily sits in for the books too), click below and you can download, print & check them out.  

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