4 Fun and Simple Fall Seasonal Activities to do with Your Kids

I love the Fall season. The weather is perfect. It’s refreshing and just slightly cool. This is a great time to get the kids outdoors learning about nature, running around and being creative. Oh! There are a ton of fall activities to do with kids but to keep things simple I’m sharing four of my favorite ideas. 

But since your time and my time are short, let me share with you four fun and simple things to do with your kids during this season. Warning! They are likely to become annual traditions and they are simple enough that as your kids get older they can take over organizing these activities for their younger siblings.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Kids love looking for things. And here is a great way to get them outside and looking closely at nature with a nature scavenger hunt. As they find the items on the list they can check them off the list. 

If you have an older child who is able to handle a smartphone with care then have them take pictures of the items as they find them. The kids will love showing Dad when he comes home what they found. 

If you are a techy mom, you could even turn all the pictures into a slide to show Dad after dinner like a mini-movie time. 

Trust me! Your kids will light up sharing with Dad, or grandma or grandpa their scavenger hunt adventures. 

Click here for a free printable of a nature scavenger hunt.

nature scavenger hunt printable list
Idea Credit Goes to East Coast Mommy
Idea Credit goes to Lets Lasso the Moon and Mama Pappa Bubba

2. Leaf maze

When you think of Fall activities to do with kids a pile of leaves and watching your kids jump in them has to come to mind! But instead of just jumping in them (although that is fun too! lol) how about making a maze with them?  This activity will depend on the ages of your kids. If they are little then you will have to create the maze for them. If you think they are at that age where they might be able to build one themselves then let them try. You can even offer to give them a blueprint if its their first time. Click here to get my free leaf maze blueprint.

Mazes are very good for the mind! But spending an hour outside in the fresh air raking and building a maze is a fantastic activity for your kids mentally and physically!

Be ready to go through the maze when they are done! It’s an exciting moment for them to watch as you walk slowly trying to figure out which way is the exit.

Leaf Maze Idea Photo Credits:
Lasso the Moon and Mama.Papa.Bubba. and Innerchild.com


Go to your local grocery store and buy 5-6 different types of apples. Just one of each is fine. The game is to see who can guess the name of the apple based on how it tastes. The twist to this game is the kid has to be blindfolded when they taste the apple slice. They take a bite or two, or even finish the slice and then tell you what apple they think it is (ie. Washington, Granny Smith, Gala, Fiji, etc.) Whichever kid correctly guesses the most types of apples wins!


Pull out your “secret basket” of apple books. Now this IS something you do before hand and save for that day when you’re tired. Either buy them from a used bookstore or check them out from your local library and ask for the maximum rental time which is probably 6 weeks. I’m sure within 6 weeks there will be a moment you will not have all your energy and your “secret basket” of apple books will help you get through the afternoon.

Put a blanket on the floor in the middle of your living room and let your kids look at the books. Ask them to QUIETLY find their 3 favorite apples. Give the kids post it notes so they can mark the pages where the apples are located this way they can show you later. Tell them this is “quiet time” and later everyone will get to show mommy or daddy the apples they found.

Click here for a free list of apple books for kids.

I hope you try one of these activities this Fall. Too many times the Fall season gets consumed by Halloween and Thanksgiving and there is so much to enjoy during these cooler months. I’ve only mentioned four ideas here and I could have easily listed ten more!

For your convenience I have created a PDF that includes the scavenger hunt list, a leaf maze blueprint and a list of children’s books about apples that you can take to the library. Just click the button and either print or save.

If you do any of these activities, take a picture and send to me. I would love to see your family enjoying them.


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