5 Gift Ideas for Your Budding Bookworm Child

Every parent loves that moment when they walk by their child’s room and see them snuggled up with a book and sounding out words or an older child who quickly flips to the next page because they are immersed in their story. Ah!!! Those are the moments we dream of shortly after we hold our kids as newborn babies.

It goes without saying that we know the immense benefits reading gives our children. So, to encourage that love of reading here are some gift ideas to keep them opening those books instead of turning on the TV:

1) Clip-on Book Lights – These are so economical to buy and the replacement batteries have come way down in price too. These are perfect for reading in bed, in the car, under covers, or in a pillow fort. This one is super cute, small and comes in different designs. It can double as a bookmark too.

2) Bookends – Encourage your budding bookworm to start their own library in their bedroom with a simple bookshelf. Kids know that books should stand upright just like at the library, so get them some bookends to help achieve this goal. They will love books and reading all the more if you help them take pride in caring for books. Bookends don’t cost much and you can find super cute ones everywhere! Places like Etsy, Overstock, Ebay, Amazon, Target and all sorts of online stores have plenty to choose from. You can even have them personalized which makes them an extra special gift.

3) A Reading Journal – Now, bookworm kids don’t just want to read a book, they want to pull out all the best parts of it and write it down.  Tracy of Lu and Bean Read has 2 great journals and you choose the one for the age of your child.

4) Bookmarks – Bookmarks have come a long way! Remember those yarn-tasseled ones of our childhood? Today there are magnetic ones for your chapter book reading child and timers on the top to track reading minutes (or when lights need to be off).  Of course, there are traditional ones which have fun sayings or their favorite characters on it. If you want to give your bookworm an extra special bookmark then make one yourself. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and I would bet good money they will cherish it forever!

5) Books (duh!) – I know, I know…. obvious, right? But don’t just give them any book, but rather one that has to do with their interests or a classic that they can add to their personal library (remember the bookshelf they are building in their bedroom?).  I put together of list of the top 50 favorite books preschool storybooks in our home. Some have been favorites since our adult children were small and some are newer and are favorites of our preschool triplets. Grab the list here. It’s free for the taking!

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