Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love & Are Free!

Let me just start off saying that Mother’s Day has not always been easy for me. My mom died when I was 11 and my sister was 7.

I remember being in school in 6th grade the year after she died. My first Mother’s Day without my mom and I was in art class. The assignment was a drawing for Mother’s Day. I chose to draw a ficus tree that was in the art room. My mom loved plants and she had many around the house. My sister and I had to help care for them when her cancer had her bedridden. I thought I had drawn a wonderful ficus tree, but apparently, my teacher did not agree. He gave me a D! I kept that drawing for a long time knowing my mom would never receive it. I could care less about the grade. The drawing was supposed to be for Mother’s Day.  That was the purpose of the assignment. I knew she would have been proud.

During my time in college, I would volunteer to work in the church nursery and then at the restaurant where I worked on Mother’s Day. Just keep busy and get through the day was my plan.

And as if losing your mom at an early age isn’t enough pain! After my first miscarriage, I had to sit through my first Mother’s Day church service.

Now I know what you are thinking… “Gee Shannon! This is a sad blog post!”  But it was on my heart to write these things for those who are reading this and might be struggling with the not so “Hallmark-like” Mother’s Day headed their way. I know friends who are dreading this coming Mother’s Day as they will be reminded that they are still not pregnant or will not get to hold that little one this side of heaven or will crave to hug their own mom but can’t because they have passed. I get all those things!!!  And let me encourage you. Your time will come and what you have experienced, what I have experienced (although it was so painful), maybe because God is planning to put someone right next to you that you are to encourage, hold, hug and help get them through that season of uncertainty, waiting and pain. Please, just know… although this is NOT what you want at the moment, there is a reason and you need to be willing to wait for His perfect timing in your life.

So, with all that on the table. Is there someone at your church, work, or neighborhood who you know is in that season? Have you been in a place where Mother’s Day wasn’t a day you looked forward to, but now you are on the other side? Reach out to them and see if you can’t encourage them. You may be just the person they need to hear from.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are FREE!

I do not have a lot from my mom as she died when I was a child. I have an old cassette tape where I “interviewed” her and I have a clip of her voice, so I don’t ever forget her voice. I have a couple of pictures and memories.

Now as a mom, sure the flowers and cards are always special, don’t get me wrong, but there are some things that are gifts we as moms can hold on to and cherish that won’t cost a thing. Sentimental much Shannon? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Here are nine Mother’s Day gift ideas that Mom will love and so will your wallet!

  1.     Have each of your children fill out a “Why My Mom is Awesome” questionnaire:
  • Name
  • Age
  • What is your favorite thing to do with mom?
  • What is one of your favorite things about mom?
  • What is mom’s favorite food?
  • What is mom’s favorite thing to do?
  • What does mom do for fun?
  1.     Record an audio or voice recording using your smartphone (i.e. Interview, sing a song, radio show, be creative!)
  1.     Make video using your smartphone or video camera (interview, skit, raw footage, edited)
  1.     If you know someone who has lost their mom—send a card to them with a memory or two you have of their mom. Someone who you know has had a miscarriage or lost a child? Send them a personal note this week.
  1.     Make a collage (remember making these with magazine pics?…print out pics —things they think mom would like or things that remind them of mom)
  1.     Send her an invitation or coupon for a “movie night”. Tell her you will be playing her favorite movie and the dress code is her favorite PJs.
  1.     Send her an invitation or coupon for a “Special Dinner or Meal”. You can do breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You can even do a special dessert evening! The idea is that you planned it and you are doing all the preparing. 


  1.     Blindfold her and guide her to the couch or table where you will have all the family albums or movies laid out and ready to snuggle up and go through pictures together. Have everyone ready to tell Mom which picture or event is one of their favorite memories.
  1.      Pull out Mom’s favorite board game and set it up! Tell Mom you are ready for afternoon of fun and if you can raid the pantry and make some snacks. Just promise mom you’ll clean up. 😉

Being together and making memories to any mom is always going to be better than things. Even if your love language is gifts, these are gifts that will be with you for years to come!

I hope this coming Mother’s Day brings you joy knowing you are loved by many no matter where you find yourself in the motherhood journey.

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