3 Ways a Busy Mom Can Get Organized and NOT be Overwhelmed with the Process

Are you feeling overwhelmed with clutter building up around you? I mean yeah, you aren’t hoarding, but with the kids home and the change in schedules plus extra summer fun activities, stuff seems to land everywhere. 

You yourself have a full schedule and not a day off to tackle declutter exactly. I hear you!! I get you and I have some tips to help you implement that overwhelming process out. These tips will help you feel accomplished and will get your house moving in the right direction. Ready, set, go?

The method involves just using a simple timer. But it’s all in what and how you focus during that time. You can do this several times a day. Just set the timer and ONLY FOCUS on ONE TASK. I have suggested tasks for you.


  • Back to their Rooms – Don’t worry about putting everything back in its place right now, just get it all to the room it belongs.  If something doesn’t have a place it belongs in the house, ask yourself if you even need the item.
  • Clear a Kitchen Counter – This means get rid of any paperwork, kids stuff, mail, etc. Purge then, take a pic of any school papers you want to keep and toss and shred the rest. While you sort and purge, ask yourself why things always end up on the counter and what you could do to eliminate this happening again in the future.
  • Tackle a Drawer – You know where miscellaneous stuff often lands. Get real and throw away pieces to toys and things you haven’t fixed 6 months later (I have so been here with good intentions, how about you)?. Promo pens can be tossed too. Return things to the room they need to go if trash is not their home. 


  • Tackle Your Desk – Organize your desk, toss/shred papers, junk mail and file any necessary papers.
  • Online Tasks – Hop online and schedule/pay bills, update budget by checking account balances 
  • Books – Go through the kids’ books and see which ones you can donate or toss in the recycle bin if too worn. 


With this chunk of time, make sure that you can get the job done! If you think you will need more than an hour then schedule that time. The idea is to finish the task and not have a project looming over you. Who needs that anxiety?? And trust me, it does a lot for your emotions, to walk away with something completed and not have unfinished stuff hanging over your head. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

  • Take everything out of your linen closet – Make a donate pile, trash, and then the things that go back in the closet. Donate extra sheets, move out older towels that can be used for outside tasks or to dry the dog after baths. Replace items neatly and in bins if necessary.
  • Go through your child’s dresser – Dump it all out. Each and every drawer. Does everything fit the child? Does everything fit in the dresser? Does your child need all those clothes? Replace items according to the answers to those questions. 
  • Go through a coat closet or laundry/mudroom – Throw out shoes and gloves without a match that have been in there for a long time. I know as moms we just keep thinking ‘surely’ that lone boot will show up? I mean how does one lose a boot right?  Donate sports items the kids no longer use, donate coats and clothes just taking up space that no one wears. 

You will be surprised how quickly things turn around and get on the right track. Hey, I’m not even going to say turn off Netflix and Hulu. I say pop a show on to have on while you work. Just keep in mind the time and work against the clock to beat your current episode before it ends! Let me know which tip worked well for you and always ask questions as you jump into getting the summer clutter gone for good!


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