5 Ideas for a More Organized School Year

Back to school is just around the corner! Yikes! Don’t panic! Instead, it’s a great time to think back to last school year and consider where your frustrations were during the school day? Were you scrambling to find shoes to get out the door? Were cleats and shin guards always missing? Did it seem that pencils were never around come homework time? 

By putting a little time in the weeks leading up to the first day of school, you can have a great start to the school year and save the headache of misplaced school things as you try to get out the door to class and ball and dance practices. It really is going to be a great year… ready?

1. Make a DIY Mudroom – If you don’t have a mudroom you can actually make one. Just get some hooks and some cubbie-like organizer and put them near the door you leave when you load up to exit the house. Put all the backpacks, shoes (& even socks), coats, etc in the “mudroom” the night before so they are all ready to go in the morning! Huge time saver right there!! Drop the mic mama!

2. Clean out the Car – Get the car ready for school now! Clean it all out. Now, look me in the eyes! Eyes on me!! New rule to implement. No one goes into the house with empty hands when you return home. Got it? Good! 🙂 TIP: Use over the seat garbage bags to keep empty water bottles from rolling around with every turn and a convenient place for kids to throw away their trash as opposed to tossing it on the ground in the car. Ugh! Curious why we use these special bags? Watch the video to see what makes these so great. We really do use them! Trust me… when your car is cleaner it lessens stress.

3. Clean out Kid Drawers and Closets – Play a game of keep and toss. If you can, put a trash can in the middle of the room to act as a basketball hoop. Put on some fun music and include your kids in the purging. If it works better for you to get in there and do it yourself, do it! This is all about setting the new school year up for success! Set a timer and work fast. You will be through before you know it.  Two points! Score!

4. Write up a Daily Schedule and Chore Chart – You need to see this as your “personal assistant”. It’s meant to keep everyone on track throughout the week. Post it where everyone can see it and list all activities and chores that are to be happening and completed that day. If unsure about everyone’s exact extracurricular and academic schedule right now that’s okay! Get the chores on it now so the kids can start getting into the routine of completing those things on a regular basis. Now is the time to train the kids on any new chores and let them practice with you as you show them how to do it. Come fall, they will be used to them and ready when the extracurricular and homework are added to their day.

5. Create a Lunch Supply Cupboard – Take one of your cupboards and stock it with the things you need to make lunches. The concept is to have everything right in one place and not in several different locations around your kitchen. So put all lunch boxes or lunch bags, lunch snacks, plastic bags, napkins, utensils… you get the idea! TIP: Use storage containers to house these things and label them. This way its all organized and not just thrown into the cabinet.

These are just a few ideas you can implement to help shave off wasted minutes of time in your week looking for lost and missing items. I could easily list more time-saving ideas but these are the big game changers in my opinion. Every minute is precious to us moms and I am committed to helping you gain back minutes in your day that start adding up to hours each day. This is going to be a great school year together! Will you be implementing any of these tips in the weeks ahead? Please email me to let me know or comment below.


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