Countdown to a Stress-Free Christmas

Why does Christmas have to be so stinking stressful? Think about it!  We all love this time of year…. the cooler weather, the colors, the joy of giving, parties, decorating, baking, and Christmas morning. But for some reason, it starts to mount, and we find ourselves running crazy and wishing we had more money, better decorations, and the list goes on and our attitudes start to sink. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t do that this year!


This year take some steps with me and bring the joy all this season has to offer and have less stress than ever before.  Follow these simple proven steps that I have personally learned to apply in our families lives and have taught others to do as well. READ THEM EVERY DAY if you have too.

(1) Early-Bird Mentality – Embrace Christmas now even though we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving. Most stores are having early bird specials, and this is the time to save money on gift wrap, decor, teacher gifts (if needed) and presents.

(2) Shop Like a Budget Boss – By starting early, you can stay on a budget better. Have you ever found yourself a few days before Christmas, you’ve procrastinated, and now you’ve run out of time!  You are stuck having to pay top dollar and going over your budget to get that “thing” so and so wants. Buy now to take advantage of early bird sale prices. Trust me! The price is going up and won’t come back down until AFTER Christmas.

(3) Own This Holiday Because Your Time is Precious – This is probably the most important one! By starting now and getting all the shopping done early, you can lessen that December stress tremendously! The gifts will just about all be bought, the wrapping paper, decor and teacher gifts (if needed). Now you can cuddle up with your family, read Christmas stories, serve your community because you are NOT out fighting the shopping crowds, and enjoying the holiday festivities like they should be enjoyed.  Trust me! It will be the best December you’ve ever had if you start NOW! 

Now… here’s how to make the things I just mentioned happen:


  • Make a list of everyone you want to give gifts to. DO NOT write what you are going to give them. Just write down their names.
  • Make a list of the supplies you need this Christmas. See what you have first. Do you have leftover wrapping paper? Is it enough to make it through this year? How much more do you need? That goes the same with candles and decor. Those things do melt and wear out you know!
  • What Christmas activities do you want to participate in? Do you need to make cookies? What supplies do you need for those activities? More sprinkles? More bags of flour and sugar? Glue? Paper?


  • Now, go back to that list of people you would like to bless with a gift and decide on a cost range or if you know what you want to give them, write it down next to their name. This will become your Christmas budget.
  • Secondly, go back to your supplies and Christmas activity list and estimate the cost of those supplies.
  • Add up these two lists and you have your budget and game plan all set. Time to shop!

To get you started here are some sales this week…

  • Hobby Lobby has all Christmas Ornaments & Christmas trees 50% off this week
  • Joann has all Christmas decor 50% off & B1G2 free ornaments
  • Don’t forget Costco for great Christmas gift ideas and stocking up for baking, extra company

Do you use Ebates when shopping online? I have saved over $1,300 since I started using it when online shopping. Use my link and get your log in & then get the free desktop toolbar plugin and every time you go to a site that has an Ebates rebate, click, keep shopping and then your extra discounts are applied and your big fat check from Ebates adds up. If it wasn’t a no-brainer and easy, I sure wouldn’t have time to do it.

Do you have preschoolers? The best gift you can give them books. And, since they love opening presents be sure to wrap each book separately. 😉 Grab my list of our family’s 50 favorite books for preschoolers.

These next 3 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are a time for you to slow and steadily prep and be ready to have a more relaxed and enjoyable December and Christmas season! Let’s make Christmas 2018 one full of lasting memories for years to come!

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