Help for the Busy Mom

Before Rhea (Ray) and I had children, I was an public elementary school teacher. Teaching has always been a passion for me. I have always wanted to help others succeed and help them achieve their goals. After our first child was born, I left the classroom environment and began tutoring children in the afternoon, but found I was spending more time after sessions encouraging moms who were struggling feeling like failures because their children were struggling in school.

Losing my mother to cancer when I was 11 years old, put me in a position as the oldest child to dive in and figure life out like how to cook and keep a house. Then later I had to figure out how to walk through starting and nurturing a marriage, how to navigate pregnancy and newborn life, parenting in general, and how to juggle all the roles as a mom. It was overwhelming. It was lonely. I felt ill-equipped. But I am a fighter just like you are and I kept going just like you do.

I am also still right there with you having that feeling of needing more time in my day. You know the feeling of “What in the world am I going to make for dinner?” As a mother of 8, a home educating parent for the last 16 years, a WAHM, I am right in the middle of juggling all the plates too. I am passionate about supporting and equipping women in their roles as wives and mothers and to find pure JOY in their everyday moments with their family. Because it can be a reality.

I have worked with women one on one in the past helping them tackle the dinner hour with kitchen hacks and cooking techniques to help them be successful in the areas of healthy living, but now I  am focusing on working with moms in a group setting.

So, I invite you to a special membership called SIMPLE STARTS AT HOME: LIFE AND KITCHEN HACKS FOR MOMS. It’s a place for busy moms with children of all ages. In this connected community,  you will receive each and every month:

  • 4x month LIVE recipe demos + FREE recipe PDF
    • As a member, you have a place for suggestions and participation in all areas of cooking for your family. I am an open book for you!
  • Insider Kitchen Hacks and organization for moms juggling all the plates in life
    • Again a place for you to ask questions and suggestions for topics.
  • Encouraging parenting tips and tricks to use right now where you are
  • Applicable Guest Speakers who will be sharing their professional expertise in the areas of parenting and family life
  • Access to a safe and confidential space to share #momwins and #momstruggles: we share strategies, advice and support for everyone
  • 4x month “Ask Shannon!” Submit your question and get mom advice and suggestions in my free monthly “office hours” time.

The cost of this monthly membership is less than grabbing a night of take out food for your family. And with what you will learn & have access to each month in our group, you will be hitting the drive thru and convenience foods so much less than before.

The doors are open to join SIMPLE STARTS AT HOME: LIFE AND KITCHEN HACKS FOR MOMS until 11:59 p.m. CST Sunday, April 14th. Then, the doors will shut so I can focus on the members, bringing them valuable content, and our community together.

I hope you will join us. Here is the link to save a spot:


Here is what other moms are saying:

“As a working mom of two busy boys I was overwhelmed and exhausted. I often took “shortcuts” that often left me with a lot of mom guilt. Shannon has helped me simplify my mom life so that now my shortcuts are healthy and I have time-saving systems that provide more quality time with my kiddos”.

-Kristen P.

“I remember how frazzled I used to get when I didn’t have a dinner plan for my family. I didn’t realize I was making it harder than it had to be. With Shannon‘s tips and kid-friendly recipes, I was able to feel more confident about having healthy options for my family at the end of the day”

-Sarah S. (mother of 3)


Doors are closing soon!

Looking forward to conquering the kitchen and mom life together.


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