Are you storing your knives the best way possible?

Having a good set of knives in your kitchen is an important part of saving time and frustration when cooking. If you love your knives and made an investment in them, then storing them safely and wisely is important. If you don’t have knives you love, a blog post on choosing the right knives for your kitchen is coming soon. (If you need a recommendation sooner, just contact me.)

In the meantime, let’s get the knives you do own stored in a smart place while keeping them safe and handy.

3 Basic Ways to Store Knives Correctly:

Each method will depend on your kitchen and family:


If you have small children or pets, this option could be your safest option for your home. Remember, just tossing them in a drawer isn’t what is safe. Who wants to reach into a drawer and risk getting cut right? 

The answer? Drawer inserts that are made for knives. With these, each blade gets its own little safe space to call home and the blades are protected from jostling around in the drawer and from harming hands going into the drawer.

There are different designs but look for an insert with slots that can fit a range of knife sizes and that has spaces for you to add knives you are wanting to purchase in the future.


The knife block is the most popular method of knife storage, especially since many knife sets are sold in their own block. 

One thing to remember: the knife block that came with your cutlery set will limit you to only those knives. If you ever add knives to your set, you’ll need another storage solution. They also take up sometimes valuable needed counter space. There are knife blocks you can choose that allow you to add your existing knives and room for new ones.


If you have room inside a cabinet door or on a wall above your counter, magnetic knife strips might be an option that will work well for you. Magnetic strips look stylish and they save counter space, too. There are different sizes and styles so look around to find the best one to fit your kitchen decor and needs.

A couple of tips no matter the option you choose: one is to always hand wash your knives. The dishwasher though an easy option will quickly dull your blades. Also, keep your knives sharpened, there are simple sharpeners that work well at home or you can opt to have them professionally sharpened as in serrated edged knives. 

Let me know which option you are going to choose and why. I’m always curious to hear why people chose to store their knives in a certain way.


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