Luscious and Nutritious Lemon Cookies

When we generally see the word “cookie” we tend to think of something unhealthy. It’s a dessert, right? Well, these cookies are packed full of nutrition so they make for a great treat, snack and guilt-free baking moment. This lemon cookie recipe is also gluten-free so it’s a handy treat to take when invited to someone’s home or having someone over and you don’t know if they are sensitive to gluten.

In addition, this lemon cookie recipe is easy and quick to make so you are in and out of the kitchen in a snap! Before you move your eyes down to the recipe, hit that print button and start baking take a quick moment and read some of the healthy aspects to this cookie.

  • Using almond flour instead of white flour these cookies pack a punch being high in fiber, low carb, high in vitamin E and bringing all the good fats to your body!
  • Using shredded unsweetened coconut makes these high in protein, packing lots of iron and zinc and more fiber! BAM!

As I mention in my video where I make them live for you, you can substitute the following ingredients if that is what you have on hand.


  • Swap out almond flour with coconut flour
  • Substitute coconut oil for melted butter
  • Swap out the lemon essential oil for 2 tsp lemon zest

REMEMBER… when using a lemon essential oil make sure it’s the kind labeled for “dietary use”. If you are unsure what that means, just shoot me a quick email and I can help you understand.

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