5 Make Ahead Desserts

Yes, you read the title to this weeks post correctly: Save Time and Bake Now! With the kids back in school your routine has probably settled in by now. Therefore, THIS is the time to start baking for the holidays and those unexpected socials that are going to pop up. And what’s great about these dessert recipes is that they are excellent for freezing. These make ahead desserts are easy recipes so don’t worry! This way you can get ahead of the game, the curve ball, slide into home plate… okay… sorry we are big Houston Astros fans here and I got carried away but you get the idea. 🙂 🙂

I’ve got 5 winning make ahead desserts for you.  You can follow the links and print each one out or just the one that tickles your fancy. However, at the end of this blog post is a link to get them all in one pdf. (You’re welcome!) Each one is different, so depending on the event you will definitely have something that will be perfect!ma

Chai Spiced Gluten-Free Pumpkin Snickerdoodles – Perfect right now since we are in the fall season but also perfect for the Christmas and New Year Holidays as well.  Golly! Who doesn’t like a snickerdoodle?!? And these just happen to have an extra kick to them which make people rant and rave about YOUR snickerdoodles and begging for the recipe.

Lemon Cookies – These cookies are perfect to take to an event or as a gift. Not too tart, yet sweet enough to where you are able to enjoy it like a delectable cookie. And this recipe is gluten free and packed full with so much nutrition that you won’t feel guilty for having more than one… or three… four. (See my post if you want to geek out on the nutritional value in these delicious cookies.)

lemon cookies dessert recipe
Gluten free blueberry banana bread recipe

Blueberry Banana Bread – Do something different and take a delicious moist, sweet bread to your next get together. Or if you would like to say “Merry Christmas” to your neighbors without spending a lot of money,  then make this bread into mini loaves. Once again, this recipe is gluten-free so it’s safe if you are worried about your neighbor being sensitive to gluten products.

Tiger Butter – This is a decadent, rich, melt-in-your-mouth candy/dessert. I’m not even go to try and say it has a lot of protein because of the peanut butter. It’s a treat! It’s fun to make and beautiful on a plate or in a mason jar as a gift. Taste like a very rich Reese’s peanut butter cup and people including kids will make themselves sick eating too much of it. It taste that good! 

Best Chewy Paleo Brownies –  Full of protein and plenty of good fats for the body and brain. You definitely won’t feel guilty taking these brownies to someones house for dessert or serving them to your family for an extra treat. This is the perfect recipe to start using instead of box brownie mixes. Make that change today! Your family will be better off!

All of the above dessert recipes freeze great so you can easily make them now and put them away for when you need them. This way you aren’t rushing around.

Below is a button to grab all 5 of the recipes to download or print.  Viola! I love making things easy! 

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