Make Your Front Porch Look Fantastic This Fall

I’m all about making your life easy. I’ve got five simple things for you to do that will accomplish decorating your front porch for the Fall season. Those beautiful porches you envy really are achievable and possible for busy moms like us. The secret is doing these five steps in the order I have listed.

5 Simple Things

1. Sweep and Scrub – I know, I know! You’re saying this is not decorating! But it must be done before you can decorate it. And it can make all the difference to the eye. Simply take everything off the front porch. Give your porch a good sweeping. That means not only the porch but sweep off the brick, wipe down the siding, and even power wash the area if needed, and clean all glass areas.

2. Freshen up the Front Door – Again this may not seem like decorating but your front door is a focal point when it comes to design. So this year take a hard look at your front door. Either refinish it or paint it! If it’s okay, then look at the hardware. A new doorknob can update an existing door in no time and create a whole new look!

3. Get a New Doormat – Pick out a fun and welcoming mat that fits your family’s personality. Feeling crafty? Buy a plain one and paint it.  Having your kids paint a welcome mat always brings a smile to those who visit. They will notice! It’s super fun and a great conversation starter too. TIP: If you are short on time then check out Amazon as they have lots of cute and nicely priced doormats to choose from. You can just order one and have it shipped to you.

4. Add Plants and Planters – Planter pots can cost money that you might not want to spend right now, so look around the house and yard for something to repurpose for a planter. Even setting plants down in a wooden crate that you paint can add a cheerful and fresh look to your porch space. 

This can be really fun and Pinterest and the internet can help get your creative mind going as you walk around your house, yard and garage. Just check out some of these cute ideas I quickly found.

repurposed garden chair
Cowboy boot planters

5. Add a painted sign or a door wreath – These are easily picked up at Target or Hobby Lobby or even on Etsy. Again… if you are feeling crafty then make your own. Making your own is a great way to customize it by putting your last name or initial or special message that you just can’t find at the big stores.

Check out some of these ideas.

wooden front door sign
Source: PerfectedbyGrace

Well… there you have it! The 5 things that need to be done to accomplish a whole new look to your front porch. Those items aren’t hard to find and cleaning is easy! Keep in mind that your front porch area is like making that first impression to visitors.

To help you stay on task, download and stick this checklist on your refrigerator. It will help you accomplish this goal because you will see it every time you visit the refrigerator. 

Final Tip:

When you have completed these five things, step back and take a look. Do you need to fill in areas with pumpkins or gourds? And during Christmas you can use poinsettias to fill in areas.

Be sure and send me before and after pictures! I would love to see how you transformed your front porch based on these five simple tasks and decorating goals.


kids sitting on front porch steps

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