5 Steps to Start a Healthy Journey

I’ve got you! 5 simple and achievable steps to move you towards a healthier YOU! And these are totally doable!

STEP 1: Stretch & Breathe: Simple huh? Forget that snooze button. You don’t need it. You have so much to offer the world. Get up! Get those hands over your head, fingers grasped and reach for the ceiling. Reach down towards the floor and back up. Deep breaths, some arm circles or whatever you want will help get your blood flowing to your muscles and providing an extra shot of oxygen we all need to help you feel fresh and ready to start your day! Now walk to the kitchen & get ready for

STEP 2: Drink a glass of water. This REALLY needs to be the first thing you do every morning before your coffee or anything else. Why? You have just slept for hopefully 8 hours (okay, you are working on this… confession… me too) and your body needs hydration! It’s good for your skin and it helps with so much in starting your body off right for the day.

Even better, add a drop of dietary lemon essential oil to the water. Why? It steps up this whole health thing up a notch by helping you with your body’s pH level, while helping detox, and supporting your liver and kidneys as they work hard for you during the day. I can guide you through finding trusted essential oils if you need me. Just shoot me a quick email and I’ll tell what kind and where to buy a quality lemon essential oil so you can give your body the best. I have been drinking lemon and water for years and have seen the results & you can too.

STEP 3: Start Reading labels.  Hey now wait! I know where your brain is going. Stop it! Do not let that feeling of being overwhelmed kick in. Stop it! I don’t know every ingredient when I read a label and I have been on this health journey a long time. But just start. It could be something out of your pantry or refrigerator. It could be something you usually buy at the store & next time you pick it up to put it in your cart, look at the label and make note of an ingredient or two to look up on your phone or even later. Before you know it, you will be learning all kinds of things one step at a time.

STEP 4: Drink a glass of water when you are hungry and you know it’s not time to eat or you shouldn’t be hungry so soon.  Don’t you just hate that feeling? Am I right? You just ate a meal and 30 minutes later you are hungry again & craving all those carbs you did so good to avoid? I know!!! More on that topic later, but for now. Simple solution!  Drink some water. Drinking some water even before you truly eat a meal or a snack will not only fill you up a bit before you eat, you may find you were really just thirsty and needed hydration. Unsweetened sparkling water is my very favorite right now when I need to distract my brain from unnecessary eating.  Try this with your kids too. I often tell my kiddos when they are hungry (which is pretty much during most of their waking hours, LOL) to have some water and it helps them too.

STEP 5: Unwind to get some SLEEP Notice I didn’t say get some sleep. It’s like when you have a 2 year old and you are pregnant with your second child and the doctor tells you to nap and rest a lot and you screw up your face and say, yeah right, how does that work? I get it. And I get how hard it is to get 8 hours of sleep as a mom. This is why I say unwind. Unplug!  Put the computer, TV, Netflix, email, social media, and your phone to bed. Set your alarm for the next morning and don’t touch it. Take time for you. Take a bath. Read a book. Pray. Take an evening walk. Something relaxing where you unwind and then go to sleep. As a mom, sometimes it is quality over quantity with sleep. It’s a season of getting up in the middle of the night with little ones, but developing a habit to get good solid sleep to restore your cells, keep your metabolism in check, support your adrenals, your skin, and well pretty much every other organ right?

Hmmm…. let me see… Are you saying this to me?”Shannon, even these 5 seem overwhelming right now.” I know! These aren’t habits yet, but they will be. You can do it! I have been there and am working on one of these 5 right now myself because I fell back into bad habits. But I promise, these 5 will give you more energy way more than coffee (and you know I adore my coffee). Before you know it, all 5 will be habits. Let me know in the comments or hop over to my Facebook page and share which one(s) you are implementing this week. I am here to encourage you and cheer you on this journey!

You go girl!


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